Study with Matt

Take lessons with Matt from the comfort of your own home! Flexible scheduling, reasonable rates and years of expertise. Matt loves to share his passion for music with others by teaching all levels and ages of students. Matt aims to foster a love and passion for music within his students by customizing each students lesson curriculum to match their musical tastes and goals. Whether the student is a 5-year-old or a 65-year-old, Matt aims to get them playing the music that they love from the very first lesson! After each lesson the student will receive customized worksheets of whatever material was covered to aid their practicing.

Base Rate: $50 per 60 minutes 

To book a lesson please use the contact form to get in touch with Matt. He will be in touch with you to set up a time and will take care of setting up the zoom meeting for the agreed upon time,


"Matt Franceschini is an engaging and effective guitar teacher. I have had lessons with him both in person as well as online over the last couple years. He is very easy to communicate with and creates a very welcoming atmosphere during his lessons. I doubt I would be where I am as a musician today without what Matt has taught me. Learning from Matt gave me the motivation to continue to pursue music. He is very understanding and knows how to encourage his students to practice and learn. Matt's passion and enthusiasm for music shines through in his teaching." - Isabel

"I approached Matt Franceschini as an intermediate guitar player with a few years under my belt. I was starting out as a rhythm guitar player, but wanted to improve my improvisation and lead guitar skills. While I knew Matt has a background in jazz, we discussed the styles of music I was interested in (rock, blues, alternative)  and some of the guitar players I wanted to emulate in my playing. He took this information and was able to tailor a guitar learning program suited to my needs – breaking down the theory going on behind certain songs/artists and explaining it to me in terms that someone with limited music theory knowledge could understand.    

The skills that Matt taught me have given me the confidence to improvise in a live band setting. Even though my time sitting down with him to go through lessons is over, he has provided me with the knowledge to look at more complicated riffs/licks on guitar and break them down so that they are easier to learn.    

Thank you, Matt!" - Makki 

"I hired Matt as my son’s guitar teacher in April of 2020. When Covid lockdown occurred, we became a 3 person bubble and my 14 year old son went from being in an art integrated 6-12 to virtual school. Overall the transition hasn’t been the most smooth for him, but starting him with Matt was one of the best decisions we could have made.  

My son was attending the Abbotsford Integrated School of Arts and had the opportunity to take piano, ukulele, and trumpet lessons over the years.  For the last part of grade 8 he tried to continue trumpet through the art school, but virtual band wasn’t much fun. Luckily he owns a guitar, and I asked Matt if he would be interested in doing virtual lessons.  

Matt’s approach of letting my son pick the songs he wants to learn has helped him be interested and engaged in his lessons in a way that I haven’t seen in the past. The performance anxiety he had struggled with has nearly disappeared and he isn’t intimidated, but rather eager to find another song to learn.  

I really can’t say enough about his ability to not only connect with my son in a meaningful way, but also help my son connect with music in a way none of his previous music teachers were able to." - Michi