ANOTHER 8 Essential Jazz Guitar Chords

Hey Guys!

I just uploaded a new video demonstrating another 8 Jazz Guitar Chords that are essential to all developing players. These chord voicings are know as drop 2 chords. These chords sound great and are often played on the top 4 strings. Below I have chord sheets demonstrating Major 7, Minor 7, Dominant 7 and Minor 7b5 (or half diminished) chord shapes in both root position and fifth in bass forms.

Root position Drop 2’s: I would start learning these chords in the key of Eb major. You can find the roots on your D string and the chords would be as follows - Ebmaj7-Fmin7-Gmin7-Abmaj7-Bb7-Cmin7-Dmin7b5

Fifth in bass Drop 2’s: For these chords you can find the root of the chords on your G string. I’d recommend starting with the key of Ab major. The chords would be as follows - Abmaj7-Bbmin7-Cmin7-Dbmaj7-Eb7-Fmin7-Gmin7b5

These chords work great on their own but also sound great if you change between some of your drop 3 chords and these. Please feel free to check out my video on these here and if you have any questions feel free to comment on this post or reach out through the contact form. 

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